La Finestra sul Massimo

It all started with …

The idea of creating a bed and breakfast had taken us to this point, we had decided to meet an acquaintance, Manager of a bed and breakfast, to get information.

But it so happened that that appointment jumped so walking we found by chance to Massimo Square at the front door of what was to become our “home”. Obviously it was a stroke of lightning couldn’t make it run, it was a great opportunity … extraordinary location that has left room for doubt.

We thought already to what our guests, exhausted after a day of sightseeing, they would have liked to freshen rapidly on and off for an aperitif or dinner at one of the many clubs that are located just in front of the theater.

But for two youngsters like us, it was not easy to decide to plunge headlong into a project and carry it out in just under two months. It wasn’t at all!!! Yet, when the desire and the will are stronger than the difficulties on the way, as if by magic, comes out the best in you and you can do things you never thought you could do.

We did not imagine, for example, that to bring back again the railings of our balconies, we should first scartavetrarle, then move the rust and repaint them to finish.

Our dream and desire to fulfill it has led us to work hard and passionately to help implement it, engulfing our unsuspecting families who have supported and helped us with patience and love.

The result of all this is a fantastic place in the heart of Palermo, where those who decide to stay will feel a bit like home.

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