La Finestra sul Massimo

Santa Rita of impossible causes

One day, some time ago, while walking through the streets of our lovely city looking for the perfect place where to realize our B&B, we bumped into a votive niche dedicated to Saint Rita. We are not particularly devoted to Saints (to be honest we are not devoted at all), but that day, seen our tiredness, the frustration and the discouragement derived from all the obstacles we ran into along the way, we decided to rely on her and we started to pray for help. Suddenly, as if by magic, the answer to our troubles showed up. After having prayed, later that very day, we found totally by chance the apartment of our dreams and solved any other problem related to it. After that episode, Saint Rita never abandoned us. She comes up whenever we are in troubles and something related to her always occurs in our lives. For this reason, we now strongly believe that she is always by our side and she gives us the strength to face any complications we find in our way. Doing research, curious to know more about her and her story, we were surprised to find out that she is called “Patroness of Impossible Causes”, like our cause seemed to be at the beginning. It is said that near the end of her life Rita was bedridden at the convent. While visiting her, a cousin asked if she wished for anything from her old home. Rita answered by asking for a rose from the garden, but since it was January, her cousin did not expect to find one due to the season. Notwithstanding that, when her relative went to the house, with surprise she found a single blooming rose in the garden covered by the snow, so she brought it back to Rita at the convent. This is why St. Rita is often depicted holding roses or with roses nearby. On her feast day churches and shrines of St. Rita provide roses to the congregation that are blessed by the priest during Mass. Pope Leo XIII canonized Rita on 24 May 1900. Her feast day is celebrated on May 22. At her canonization ceremony, she was bestowed her title of Patroness of Impossible Causes, while in many Catholic countries, Rita became known also as the patroness of abused wives and heartbroken women because of her early life. The chapel of the Saint is at a walking distance from our B&B in the XIV century church of St Augustine in the district of Capo and it is an important destination for hundreds of devotees every year.

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